My name is Amy Chapman, and no, Paul is not my other half. I was born Amy Paul, and kept that name for my business when I married Andrew.

I was born in Northern Ireland, educated at a grammar school (surprisingly they still exist in Ireland!) graduated from Queens University and began my career as a teacher.

After a few years I moved to England, re-trained as an accountant and began working for a firm in St Albans. Eventually I started my own practice. That was nearly 30 years ago, and I still have a lot of my original clients, all going grey gracefully with me.

I don’t take a stuffy approach to books and accounts. If you like business you need to like books, because that is how you measure how well you are doing. They’re like a pedometer to a runner, or scales to a slimmer. It’s nice to know how well you’re doing. Yes?

From day one I banned all use of jargon. Language is no good unless everyone understands what you are saying. So I explain everything in simple terms. You know what a sale is, you know what a purchase is, you know when somebody owes you money, and you know what a bank balance is. You just put it all together like a jig saw- It’s that easy.

Give me a call and I’ll show you how easy.

Amy Paul & Co
30 Ludlow Road
Church Stretton
Tel 01694 720000