Make it easy on yourself

HMRC has a slogan that goes “Tax needn’t be taxing”.

If you’ve got behind with your payments or your paperwork you might find that a little bit glib. It can feel as if you have a mountain to climb.

But you know things are usually not as bad as you think they are.

You might have a drawer or carrier bag full of papers, all in a jumble. You might even have missed the deadline for your last VAT return.

But when you know the right way to approach book-keeping you can sort it in no time at all.

I do it for a living. People say “I don’t know how you do that”. But you know when you use the right approach it can be quite fun. I can show you how to make it easy on yourself.

Now, the next thing I need to tell you is that HMRC would like everyone (eventually) to use digital technology both to keep their records, and to file their VAT and tax returns. That will suit a lot of people, especially young people, but some older people are a little bit phobic.

If you do VAT returns it starts in 2019.

Don’t worry. Modern applications are getting easier to work with all the time. And all it takes is practice and a little help now and again. I can help.

If you would like to meet I’m happy to come and see you. I don’t charge for the initial meeting, or any for that matter, within reason.

So give me a call and get the kettle on.